Bisexual Visibility Day 23-sep-2018 20th Anniversary

Sunday marks the twentieth day of remembrance of metallic element Visibility Day, additionally called International Celebrate Bisexuality Day. The day has been marked every year since 1999 to spotlight biphobia and to assist folks to notice the bisexual community.

According to the church bench center, four-hundredth of LGBTQ Americans determine as bisexual.

Specifically, the study found that concerning ten million folks, or 4.1% of the U.S. adult population, known as LGBT in 2016, consistent with the most recent estimates from town. This represents a modest however important increase from eight.3 million folks (3.5% of adults) World Health Organization aforesaid they were LGBT in 2012.

The same analysis showed that gay men and lesbians square measure additional seemingly than metallic element folks to enter theirs on a daily basis lives.

Overall, solely twenty-eighth of bisexual folks within the U.S. aforesaid that every one or most of the vital folks in their lives square measure aware that they’re LGBTQ.

A recent study additionally showed that monetary barriers still keep lesbian, gay, and bisexual patients from medical treatment.

Bi Visibility Day highlights bisexuality and also the challenges posed by biphobia and bisexual erasure, in addition as celebrating the work of a growing variety of native, national and international organizations around the world that champion bisexual visibility and equality.

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